Lists of Pharmaceutical Companies In Nj

New Jersey is one of a state in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern regions of the United States.

According to 2020 survey, New jersey has highest number of millionaires in the united states.
based on 2017 data new jersey is 2nd wealthiest state od U.S.

Definitely New jersey has all the industrial power which includes pharmaceutical companies, new jersey has almost 100 pharmaceutical companies, so here are the lists of pharmaceutical companies in Nj (new jersey) or pharma companies nj with all information like headquarter location or address, telephone number, fax number, Email id, Website link and quick guide about all pharmaceutical companies in nj.

This Article contains a Collection of list of pharmaceutical, life sciences and biotech companies in New Jersey. pharmaceutical company nj list is as given below;

Lists of Pharmaceutical Companies In New Jersey

In today life you can search pharmaceutical companies near me or pharma company in new jersey and hundreds of result would appear but this post contain all the essential info about pharmaceutical companies in nj so, check out Top 10 pharmaceutical companies in new jersey (Nj).

1. Adare Pharma Solutions

Adare is a worldwide specialized CDMO company with a agelong history of success from conception through commercialization.

Adare use specific combination of proprietary capabilities, experience and resources to make up meaningful products for customers.

Adare’s knowledge to create differentiated drugs leader leads the identification and development of the novel production in our pipeline and our acquisition strategy.

Adare is dedicated to developing collaborative partnerships and provides strong significant advantages in competitive markets.

With complete 30 years of proven legacy, Adare has with success developed and manufactured much than 40 products sold-out by partners in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Development & Manufacturing

  • Location: 845 Center Drive Vandalia, Ohio 45377 USA
  • Telephone no: +1 (937) 898-9669
  • Location: 8006 Reeder Street Lenexa, KS 66214 USA
Lists of Pharmaceutical Companies In New Jersey
Lists of Pharmaceutical Companies In New Jersey

Corporate Offices;

Headquarters: Princeton Pike; Corporate Center at 1200 Lenox Drive, Suite no. 100 Lawrenceville, New Jersey 08648

  • USA +1 (609) 450-1312 597, Boul. Laurier Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC Canada, J3H 6C4
  • Telephone no: +1 (450) 600-1414

Manufacturing Headquarters;

  • Via Martin Luther King, 13 20060 Pessano con Bornago (MI) Italy
  • Telephone no: +39 02 954281
  • Via Molise, 16-20098 San Giuliano Milanese (MI) Italy
  • Telelephone no: +39 02 988981-200
  • Route de Bû 78550 Houdan France
  • Telephone no: +33 (0)1 30 46 19 00

Website Link:

2. Ajanta Pharma USA Inc

Ajanta Pharma USA Inc is a pharmaceutical company based in Bridgewater, New Jersey, is a entirely owned adjuvant of Ajanta Pharma Ltd.

Ajanta Pharma is pledged to delivering quality generic medicine to patients, direct collaboration with its industry partners.

pharmaceutical companies in nj
pharmaceutical companies in nj

Ajanta Pharma is devoted to supply chain reliability, superior service and flexibility to meet the specific needs to its customers. Since production of the strategic decision to get into the US market, Ajanta pharmaceuticals in new jersey USA research and development (R&D).

Location: Ajanta Pharma USA Inc. One Grande Commons 440 Highway 22 East US, Suite no150 Bridgewater, New Jersey 08807

  • GPS Location track: 40.590187,-74.650434
  • Telephone no: 1-908-252-1165
  • Email id:
  • Fax no: 908-450-1589
  • Fax: 1-908-393-5505
  • Phone no: 866-770-3029
  • Website:

3. Akrimax Pharmaceuticals

In Akrimax Pharmaceuticals industry, Akrimax manufacture and activity marketing pharmaceutical products with specific and meaningful clinical benefits that improve the lives of patients.

Akrimax current mercantile portfolio is focused in the domain of cardiovascular medicine, pain management and endocrinology .

Akrimax is a marketing and sales company.

pharmaceutical companies in new jersey
pharmaceutical companies in new jersey

Akrimax foreign mission is to take on and commercialize under-utilized under-promoted, pharmaceutical products and those in posthumous stage clinical development.

By Using a sequence of revitalized promotion, production reformulation or the launching of meaningful brand name line extensions, they make brand-new therapeutic alternative available to healthcare providers and patients.

  • Industry Type: Pharmaceuticals
  • No of employees: 50 to 200 employees
  • Headquarters: Cranford, New jersey pharmaceuticals
  • Type of Industry: Privately Held
  • Founded in year: 2008

Specialities of Industry: Product Development, Quality Assurance, Regulatory and Medical Affairs, Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing, Business Development, Finance, and Managed Markets and Trade Relations

Location of Office: 11 Commerce Drive, 1st Floor Cranford, New Jersey 07016 USA.


Almatica Pharma LLC pharmaceutical industry is a held privately industry type, United States pharmaceutical company centered on the organic evolution, learning and commercialization of brand named pharmaceutics medication products.

Our circulating product portfolio covers a broad range of therapeutical areas including: psychopathology, pain management, anti-infective, Asthma and Heart-cardiovascular related disorders.

Almatica is passively pursuing the expansion of its USA production portfolio through the development of its personal product pipeline and through with the in-licensing and acquisition of production that are either marketplace in the USA or are in late stage development.

Location: 10 Bloomfield of Avenue Building B, Suite no- 2 Pine Brook, New Jersey 07058.

  • Telephone no: (844) 889-8686
  • Fax no: 973 201-4228
  • Email id:
  • Website link:

5. Alvogen

Alvogen is a worldwide, privately closely-held pharmaceutical company centered on developing, creating from raw materials and selling generic, brand medications, over-the-counter brands (OTC) and biosimilar production for patients around the universe.

Alvogen are passionate about making people’s lives better by making high quality & quanttity of medicines more reachable around the global.

Alvogen pharmaceutical of new jersey has commercialized dealing in about 35 countries with about 2,800 working employees and also operates 4 fabrication and improvement center in the Korea, U.S., Taiwan and Romania,

Alvogen is a single galactic market is states of North America and other crucial markets include: Russia, Taiwan, Romania, Ukraine, South Korea, Japan, Hungary, and China.

Specialities of industry: Generic pharmaceuticals, Branded pharmaceuticals, Biosimilars, Contract manufacturing, and Clinical Research

Location of office: 44 Whippany Road, Suite no- 300, Morristown, New Jersey 07960.

  • Founded in year: 2009
  • Headquarters Location: Pine Brook, New jersey.
  • Staff Size: 1000-5,000 employees
  • Industry type: Pharmaceuticals
  • Telephone no: (973) 796-3400
  • Fax no: (973) 215-2280
  • Email link:
  • Website link:

6. Amarin Pharma Inc.

Amarin Corporation Inc industry is a quickly growing, innovative pharmaceutic company focused on developing and commercialised therapeutics to cost-effectively modify cardiovascular health.

Amarin’s vintage product, VASCEPA that is icosapent ethyl capsules, is accessible by prescription in the United States and an accelerative number of other countries.

Corporation industry of Amarin is a speedily growing, innovative health related professional company focused only on developing latest and mercantile medical speciality to reduce cost of medications to improve heart health.

Location: 1430 – Route no 206, Suite no-200 Bedminster, New Jersey 07921.

  • Telephone no (USA): +1 908 719 1315
  • Fax no: (908) 719-3012
  • Website link:

7. Amerigen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Amerigen is in private held company that was founded in year 2007.

Amerigen Pharmaceuticals company’s focusing in the development, fabrication and sale of superior quality generic pharmaceutical products for 2 of the most essential markets in the world which is the USA and China.

Amerigen Pharmaceuticals USA office is situated in Lyndhurst, New Jersey and houses staff participating in executive management, commodity and business development, economics, regulatory affairs, and commercial operations.

Product development is being taken place at various locations around the global market under the supervision of its knowledgeable R&D, quality, and regulatory leaders.

  • Industry Type: Pharmaceuticals
  • No of Staff members: about 51 to 200.
  • Industry Founded in: Year 2007.

Location: Polito 9-900Ave Suite, Lyndhurst, New jersey J07071, US.

Telephone no: +1732-993-9827.

Suzhou Amerigen Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

Number.58, Suzhou Industrial Park, Qunxing Yi Road, PRC, Suzhou, Jiangsu 215006, US

Website link:

8. Amneal Pharmaceuticals

Amneal Pharmaceuticals Industries, Inc. (NYSE: AMRX) is an integrated special pharmacy company supercharged by a robust U.S. generics medicine business and a flourishing branded business module.

pharmaceutical company nj
pharmaceutical company nj

Together, Amneal team is working to create one of the most energizing pharmaceutical companies in this quickly changing pharma industry.

Location: Crossing Boulevard 400, Bridgewater 3rd Floor, New Jersey 08807

  • Telephone no: (908) 947-3120 or (877) 835-5472.
  • Fax no: (908) 947-3146
  • Website link:

9. Antares Pharma

Antares Pharma is a extraordinary pharmaceutical company that combines proprietary delivery technology with drug development expertise to deliver safe and effective medicines.

With a goal of rising dosing, reduction in side effects, and improving patient conformity and outcomes,

Antares Pharma follows innovative therapies attempt to positively affect patients’ lives.

Antares Pharma Pharmaceuticals industry’s concentration on self injection, pharmaceutical products and engineering with specifyly in rheumatology, urology, and neurology also endocrinology.

Through of innovation and tech, Antares Pharma combines medical device and pharmaceutical knowledge to produce treatment or daignosis options that foremost serve many patients, physicians, doctors, partners, and stakeholders.

Location: 100-Princeton South-Suite 300 Ewing, New Jersey 08628 USA.

10. Apicore LLC

Apicore LLC managing partners have worth of experience over 60 years in the pharmaceutical world, encompassing mid, small and large pharmaceutical industries throughout the world.

Apicore LLC Mission is to create, manufacture, and deliver Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s), with superior quality and also regulative support, at competitive costs.

Establishment History:

Location: Route 685 South1, North Brunswick, New Jersey 08902

  • Fax no: (732) 909 – 2017
  • Phone no: (732) 624 – 9041
  • Email Id:
  • Website Link:

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